10:36 PM

My nemesis stands tall as the door open
His shadow lingering in the visible light
Hopes shattered and promises broken
I know you'd expect me to fight.

Instead, I sit on this bed
With not an ounce of shame to hide
'You're a cheap little slut' he says
Just like he did on our wedding night.

His words cut deep but the pain he will not see
Is this all life would be to me?
He will hit me just to see me on my knees
For there's no bigger savage than he.

Tomorrow he'll ask me why I'm acting strange
How would he remember when its the drink that makes him sway
He'll tell me he loves me when I'm about to walk away
For he knows I love him enough to turn around and stay.

'Till death do us apart' he said, but was it all a lie?
Our wedding vows disappeared in just a wink of an eye
I've had enough, there's no more tears left to cry
If he loves me, why does he punish me? Just tell me why!

What would you do? Would you leave or stay?
When you know he loves you but its his monster that leads him astray
There's nothing here for me not even the dreams of yesterday's
If I kill him tonight, will all this pain go away?

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