The girl from the dream

8:59 PM

I dreamt a girl from a distant past
A girl of happiness; of songs and dance
Her soul so light, in her, joy resides,
Oh what I wouldn’t do, to bring her back to life

She woke up weak, her hands tied
Her mouth bruised, her legs pushed to a side
Through muffled screams, her body tried to fight
Roaring at her, she saw, four vicious pair of eyes

A decade passed with hurt and grief
Nothing to hold onto, not even her own beliefs
Her life inaudible, but a powerful scream
Yet none heard her, and her efforts finally ceased.

They laughed, when she paid the price
Her life, everyone but she, could decide
When the world abandoned her, I stood by her side
Because if I didn’t, no one else would even try

I felt unclean as I woke up from the dream
I tried not to cry, I am no more fourteen
The pain unbearable,
Society was mean
For as they touched my body,
The world suppressed my screams.

Oh what I wouldn’t do to bring me back to life
I’ve tried everything, but I barely survive
My soul broken,
My body paralyzed
Help me someone, before the rest of me dies

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  1. Brilliant prose.. I like the simplicity and yet how it really speaks out..

  2. Woww Kripa! This is beautifully written. You can really feel the depth of it while reading.. Keep writing more poems!! :)

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