The memory of sins

8:03 PM

Photo - All Rights Reserved. © Buwaneka Saranga | 2012

Cold and numb the winds have turned
With no mercy, my life just spurned
People passing by
With not a look of concern
This life of mine has had nothing,
Nothing but hurt.

The wounds of time unopened and old
But you cut it open 

When you knew I wasn't strong to withhold
Now the blood from my veins uphold,
All the sins that I made manifold
My sins were plenty and my sins were cold

And so she shut herself from the world outside,
For she couldn't stand the pain anymore
Her soul washed away in the tears she cried
Leaving only the memories behind…
The memories from a long time ago

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  1. You should totally be a poet or some sort of a writer.. I felt emotional reading this. So good. Keep writing these kind of stuff instead geeky tutorials.. hehe. ��

    1. Thank you very much Sikuru! You have been one great supporter of my poems. Thanks alot. Sure. Will try to do so. Ill try to write some more, hopefully.